Complete List of Works

Below is a complete list of works by Justin Tokke. They are arranged in chronological order and may be sorted by clicking on any column title. Scores that have been published will have links directing you to their respective pages on the publisher’s website. All other titles link to scores posted on this website.

Original Compositions:

TitleInstrumentationDurationDate of Composition
Titanic 2012Orchestra and Narrators20:00February 2012
In Flanders FieldsChoir4:00January 2012
Organ Prelude in the Baroque Style (based on "In dulci jubilo")Organ2:00December 2011
Revelation (Orchestral Version)Orchestra and Choir5:00November 2011
Quick FugueString Quartet1:00August 2011
EvergreenPiano5:00July 2011
Revelation (MIDI Ensemble Version)MIDI Ensemble and Choir5:00May 2011
Symphony in E-flat MajorOrchestra32:00March 2011
NocturnePiano8:00February 2011
VocaliseChoir3:00January 2011
Synth FugueSynthesizers3:30November 2010
RemembranceMixed Quartet2:30September 2010
Atonal FugueString Quartet2:00October 2010
Jonnie's ThemePiano8:00August 2010
Simple SoantaPiano8:30August 2010
Schroeder's DancePiano3:30July 2010
HopeChamber Orchestra5:30March 2010
Contest Piece for Wind EnsembleConcert Band4:30February 2010
KingsfoldWoodwind Quintet5:00January 2010
Missa BrevisChoir, Organ21:00January 2010
HeckelHeckelphone and Chamber Orchestra4:30November 2009
The Written PromiseString Orchestra8:00September 2009
Chorale Prelude FantasiaOrgan7:30July 2009
Where is Thy VictoryChoir2:30July 2009
Atonal SonataPiano6:00June 2009
ReclamationString Orchestra8:00June 2009
Our WayOrchestra11:30June 2009
To Jonnie (String Orchestra)String Orchestra4:00May 2009
PiVoice, Piano2:15May 2009
"Christ the Lord" VariationsPiano5:15April 2009
Rhythm FantasiaChamber Orchestra5:00February 2009
To Jonnie (String Quartet)String Quartet4:00February 2009
Prayer to St. MichaelChoir, Trumpet, Horn, Percussion & Strings9:15February 2009
Postlude in B-flat minorPiano5:45February 2009
Symphony in G minorOrchestra1:02:00January 2009
Concert Band ThemeConcert Band4:00August 2008
The InternetOrchestra8:00August 2008
Variations on "Rule! Britannia"Organ9:15August 2008
Fanfare for Brass QuartetBrass Quartet2:30July 2008
Jenny's ThemeViola, Piano4:30July 2008
On the Shores of DoverConcert Band4:30July 2008
Fanfare and FlourishOrchestra2:30May 2008
Flat-FiveBig Band5:00May 2008
Prayer String Orchestra5:45April 2008
Blue Variants on a RiffJazz Quartet4:45March 2008
Explosions of JoyOrchestra3:00February 2008
Flute Sonata No. 1 in D MajorFlute and Piano19:30August 2007
The Shark SongBig Band6:30August 2007
All Hail the Queen Concert Band5:30April 2007
PassacagliaChamber Orchestra12:00February 2007
Concert Piece for Trombone and Piano
Trombone, Piano6:30October 2006
March of the WeirdosConcert Band3:152006
French Horn Foxhunt Concert Band8:10September 2005
Clashes of a Cannonistic KindTimpani Duet7:152005


TitleComposerInstrumentationDurationDate of Arrangement
Military PolonaiseChopinConcert Band3:15June 2010
Carol of the Bells FantasiaTraditionalElectronics9:00December 2009
Chorales for BandVariousConcert BandVariesApril 2008
An Ellington FantasyDuke EllingtonOrchestra7:00January 2008
The Twelve Slightly Dysfunctional Days of ChristmasTraditionalOrchestra7:452007
Theme and Variations on "Simple Gifts"TraditionalBrass Choir5:302007
LeyendaAlbenizOrchestra4:00October 2006
When the Saints Go Marchin' InTraditionalConcert Band3:002006

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