In Flanders Fields

A cappella setting of the famous World War I poem by John Alexander McCrae.

Organ Prelude in the Baroque Style

A quasi-Baroque prelude for Organ using the chorale-tune ‘In dulci jubilo”. Suitable for Christmas or generic use.

Revelation (MIDI Ensemble Version)

A unique collaborative piece for MIDI Ensemble and Choir. Set to texts from Isaiah, Luke, and Revelation.


A song without words. Only vowels guide the tone color of the choir. Intended as a meditation-like work.

Synth Fugue

Inspired by Wendy Carlos’ “Switched on Bach” album. This piece is designed for four monophonic synthesizers.

Missa Brevis

A setting of the liturgical “Missa Brevis” or Brief Mass.

Where is Thy Victory

A short anthem written for my late grandmother. The text is from Corinthians, a poignant expression of God’s love for us through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Chorale Prelude Fantasia

A fantasia on an original Chorale theme.


A song written for Pi day (3/14). The singers tongue should be implanted firmly in cheek.

Prayer to St. Michael

A choral setting of the Latin prayer to St. Michael, Heaven’s lead archangel who protects man from the forces of the Devil.

Variations on “Rule! Britannia”

A set of variations for organ based on the famous English war tune “Rule! Britannia.” The piece requires preset registrations in the organ as described on page 2 of the score.


Big Band chart written for the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Jazz Ensemble. The chord structure is based on Charlie Parker’s “Confirmation.”

Blue Variants on a Riff

Jazz quartet written for members of Jazz Band Classic for the Making Score concert 2008. The piece is based on the simple riff of three notes (C, E-flat, F) and utilizes the standard blues form. All four members of the quartet have opportunities for solos and improvisation. Performed by members of Jazz Band Classic in May 2008.

The Shark Song

A big band arrangement of the classic camp song. Sharks of all types are represented.


A setting of Shelley’s poem entitled “Death”, a poignant ode on its position in life’s cycle.

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