In Flanders Fields

Program Notes:

This is a piece for a cappella choir setting the famous poem by the same name by John McCrae, a Canadian Army Officer. It was written after McCrae saw his best friend die on the battlefield in Belgium during the First World War. The words describe the battlefield, literally, Flanders Fields, where poppies, little red flowers with black centers, blow in the wind. The poem is a cornerstone of Remembrance Day Celebrations throughout the Commonwealth Nations and especially in Canada. Tradition holds that everyone should wear a red poppy on Remembrance Day as a sign of respect for the dead of war. Naturally, this poem holds a dear place in my heart because of that.


SATB Choir a cappella


3 minutes

Performed By:

Eastern University Choir: Spring Music Festival, April 28, 2012; Spring Tour, May 13-20, 2012

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